July 15, 2018
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Colored Pasta
You'll need:
1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol,1 table spoon of food coloring of your choice,2 cups of pasta of your choice,1 quart zip lock freezer bag,large paper grocery bags.

Pour alcohol and food coloring in a ziplock freezerbag. Zip it and shake around to mix. Open it and put in the pasta. Make sure the bag is zipped. turn the bag over and over on the table to evenly coat the pasta. Leave it on the table for about an hour. Turn it over after 30 minutes to evenly coat it. Pour it out onto the paper bags. Let it dry over night.

Children can do this for you. Just put the alcohol into the bags ahead of time. Provide 1 cup measuring cups and measuring spoons. Let the children choose the color and the pasta to put in their bags. Make sure all bags or closed good. An adult can pour the pasta out to dry.

The pasta can be used to make pictures in the art area.

A variety of pasta can be used. Rigatoni makes good beads for necklaces.

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