April 20, 2018
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Bible Verse Treasure Hunt
You'll need:
Construction Paper,Markers,Scissors,double-sided tape

I use this for my Toddlers/Pre-School Class. I take what ever Bible Verse goes along with what I'm teaching. Write each word, on one or more sheets of construction paper, spaced out so there is room enough to cut out each word into different shapes. Before class, use double-sided tape to stick the different shapes on the walls around the class room at the child's eye-level. At some point during your class time, (after the lesson), give each child a "treasure map" which consists of the Bible verse written on a piece of construction paper, that they can decorate with glitter, or stickers, or whatever you would like. Preschoolers and Toddlers cannot read, but they can match items together. So they use their "treasure maps" to find each word of the Bible verse and place them in order on a designated spot such as the door or a section of the wall. Some of the children may be able to memorize a short verse using this game, others may not, but either way, they are having God's word instilled in their hearts, and they have a great time doing it. My kids look forward to this every week, and if I don't do it one week, they are sure to ask me about it. Have Fun!

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