April 20, 2018
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Basket of Blessings
You'll need:
Green construction paper,brown construction paper,brown paper lunch bag to represent basket.

Cut four fish out of the green construction paper, and ten loaves of bread from the brown construction paper, for each child. Before class starts put two paper fish and four loaves of bread into a paper bag for each child and fold the top of the bag down.(so the kids can't see the paper fish and bread inside) Give the other two fish and five loaves to each kid, tell them to put their two fish and five loaves into the bag with eyes shut. Pick a child to ask the blessing over the meal. Explain that this is the lunch Jesus used to feed the five thousand people. Tell them to take the lunch out of their bags and count the fish and the loaves they will see that by asking the blessing and believing that the lunch has doubled. Can be used with lesson from Matthew 14:15-21

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