April 20, 2018
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Alphabet Block Tree
You'll need:
plywood square,wooden alphabet blocks,miniature ornaments,glue (paint optional)

To start off, you can paint the plywood square base if desired. Assemble alphabet blocks on top of plywood with corners of blocks touching to form a circle. Glue in place. Assemble another circle, smaller than the first, on top of the first. Continue assembling alphabet block circles, smaller and smaller until only one block is left (the top of the tree), gluing them atop each other as you go. You should now have a Christmas Tree -shaped pile of blocks.

You can glue miniature ornaments to the plywood around the tree. More miniature ornaments can be glued atop the blocks. (Look for an angel for the very top, of course!),Another option is to arrange the blocks in such a way as to spell out names of family members, or holiday sentiments (eg. Peace on Earth). This could possibly frustrate smaller children, but the older ones might enjoy the challenge of puzzling it out!

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