April 20, 2018
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Advent Wreath Magnet
You'll need:
Blue,purple,pink,green and yellow foamsheets,velcro,magnets,glue

Cut blue foam sheets into 4"x5" squares (you can make them smaller or larger and then cut other pieces accordingly). Cut small leaf shapes out of green foam and glue a row of leaves across bottom of blue square for wreath. Cut rectangular candle shapes from the pink and purple foam. Glue 4 candles above wreath in this order: purple,purple, pink,purple. Cut small "flames" from the yellow foam. Cut small squares of velcro and glue one side to back of flames and other side above each candle.Glue magnet to back of blue square. Then each Sunday of advent the children can "light" (velcro) a candle on their wreath. I encourage the children to put the wreath on their refrigerators and to add a flame at dinner time on each Sunday of Advent and to say a prayer with thier family. I cut out all the shapes and attach magnet to the back ahead of time so that in class all we are doing is assembling.

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